Membership Categories

Tournament Formats

Youth Division

Boys 7 - 9    Special tees par 5 = 325 yds.; par 4 = 225 yds.; par 3 = 100 yds

Boys 10 - 11 Ladies/red tees

Girls 7 - 10   Special tees  par 5 = 200 yds.; par 4 =  yds.; par  =  50 - 60 yds.

Girls 11 - 13  Ladies/red tees

Junior Division

Boys 12 - 13 Senior tees/yellow tees

Boys 14 - 15 White tees

Boys 16 - 17 White tees

Girls 14 - 17 Ladies/Red tees

Youth tee off at 8:30 AM and play 9 holes; Juniors tee off at 11:30AM and play 18 holes

The Junior Golfer's age bracket will be based on their age as of the date of the first tournament on June 18, 2015. The Junior Golfer will play in the same division throughout the Junior Golf season.

Southside Junior Golf Association

Mission Statement

     The purpose of Junior Golf is to encourage young golfers under the age of 18 to learn and practice golf using the accepted rules and manners adopted by the Virginia State Golf Association (VSGA). The purpose of the Southside Junior Golf Association is to provide various playing fields with adult supervision and support so that these young golfers will develop their abilities to the highest standards of play.

     Good sportsmanship and manners are demanded. The goal of this program is to acclimate young golfers to tournament play so they can play any course with confidence in their abilities.

Registration Process

One-Time Annual Membership- Registration fee is required on or before the first tournament date of the season: $20 payable to your home course or Sponsor.

Individual Tournament Events: $10 to be paid to the hosting club on the day of the event.

Junior Golfers are responsible for notifying their respective home course sponsors no later than Monday evening prior to the Thursday tournament they want to participate in. This will allow time for the sponsors to call in to the hosting sponsor the correct number of participants to expect for each club.  Junior Golfers must participate in at least three tournaments to qualify for the Championship Tournament.

​​Amelia Golf & Country Club

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